Hello!, I'm @cba and these are some of my projects.

I'm interested in imaging, color and geometry. Feel free to get in touch:

Physical Relief Maps

April 2020

These plaster models were generated through a multi-step process. First the digital terrain model was assembled using a variety of tools including Blender , HMM and Mapbox. The master models were printed on a Prusa MK2 3D printer and then thin plastic negative molds were made using a vacuum forming machine. The plastic molds were used to cast the final plaster versions of the model.

Digital Relief Maps

April 2020

They almost look real! These digital renders were generated in Blender by using the original map as a UV Map for the digital terrain model.

Color Science

Oct 2018

Some essays on color and imaging. These originated from a three year period where my main recreational activity was self-study in the field of color science. If you're interested in a colorful mathematical journey pick up a copy of Koenderink's Color for the Science and see where it takes you.

3D Projection for Pen Plotters

April 2019

A talk I gave at the SF Pen Plotter meetup about 3D projection and 4x4 matrices (40 min). The slides for the talk were also on display at the art exhibit that accompanied the talk. They were created on my Axi Draw pen plotter.

Instant Messaging Art

last updated: Dec 2015

Once upon a time I was obsessed with cataloging and visualizing all my text messages, I haven't updated the chart in years but I still studiously keep track of the data .

60 Photos from West Africa

March 2013

These are probably the best photos I've ever taken, though I'm always trying to find ways to one up them.

Vienna to Venice

August 2015

Four of us went on a 2 week, 450 mile bike camping adventure across 3 countries, I recorded it all with a Garmin, a Moleskin, a Hasselblad and Twitter.

Film Photography for Rationalists

May 2014

I get asked a lot why I shoot film so I wrote it all down.


Nov 2014

The pictures in this post mean a lot to me. They span 5 years, feature 30 friends and 13 strangers, and they were all taken on one of my film cameras.

Levi's Granfondo Viz

Oct 2014

Compare any rider's performance from the 2013 Levi's Granfondo , speaking of performance, this viz loads incredibly slow.

How The Internet Works

March 2016

Slides for a intro to TCP/IP talk I gave to Hackbright Academy . There's certainly plenty of work to be done here to improve these slides. I didn't even have time to talk about UDP!